Title: Labyrinth of Reflections Authors: Sergei Lukyanenko Category:#books Number of Highlights: 4 Date: 2023-07-18 Last Highlighted: 2023-07-18


She’s a good program. Obedient, smart, friendly. Opinionated at times, like everything else that Microsoft makes, but that’s just the way it is. (26)


“That’s a bunch of Americans… even here they order health food,” she continues irreverently. “Those guys are Germans. They’re always the loudest of the lot. And that weird one is Japanese—see the great round eyes he’s given himself? Every nation has its own psychological eccentricities… And here we are, clowning about in a restaurant that doesn’t exist, with glasses of imaginary liquor. Hundreds of computers scarfing up power, processors on overload, phone lines transmitting megabytes-worth of nonsensical data…” (647)


Alexandrians are followers of a certain science fiction writer from St. Petersburg. They’re all for the merging of man and computer, or they expect virtuality to bestow unimagined blessings… or something along those lines. (658)


A non-liquid asset, that, since hardly anyone uses Macs anymore. You had Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals and then you had IBM and Apple. Evolutionary dead-ends don’t survive long. (984)