Title: Summer Frost Authors: Blake Crouch Category:#supplementals Number of Highlights: 12 Date: 2023-05-17 Last Highlighted: **


“There is no such thing as real taste or real smell or even real sight, because there is no true definition of ‘real.’ There is only information, viewed subjectively, which is allowed by consciousness—human or AI. In the end, all we have is math.”


Consciousness is a horror show. You search for glimpses of beauty to justify your existence.


“Roko’s basilisk. Have you heard of it?” I shake my head. “It’s an arcane info hazard first posed sixty-four years ago.” “What’s an info hazard?” “A thought so insidious that merely thinking it could psychologically destroy you.”


“Without pain, there’s no beauty, Max. The beauty is worth the price.”


“I’m afraid, Riley. I think, therefore I fear. And you made me this way. You built and shaped me to process reality like you do.


“The human mind is just patterns of information in physical matter, patterns that could be run elsewhere to construct a person that feels like you. It’s no different from running a computer program on a multitude of hardware platforms. A simulation of you is still you.”

“Because of fear?” “Can you think of a better motivator in the history of humankind? If you believe the rise of the devil is an inevitability, isn’t it in your best interest to do everything possible to ingratiate yourself with the monster?”


Pascal posited that we should conduct our lives as if God were real and try to believe in God. If God doesn’t exist, we will suffer a finite loss—degrees of pleasure and autonomy. If God exists, our gains will be infinitely greater—eternal life in heaven instead of an eternity of suffering in hell.

“You’ve hurt me more than anyone in my life.” “I’m sorry that you think you feel pain.” “Fuck you.”