Title: The Lowdown on PSResourceGet — an Exclusive With Sydney Smith Authors: The PowerShell Podcast Category:#podcasts Number of Highlights: 1 Source URL: https://share.snipd.com/episode/a0ada001-cd90-41ef-8fef-29d0d14f3699 Date: 2023-08-01 Last Highlighted: 2023-07-17


Using pre-built packages from the NuGet gallery in PowerShell modules

Key takeaways:

  • One interesting use case discussed is building a PowerShell module that takes a dependency from a package in the nuget gallery.
  • Taking a dependency from a package in the nuget gallery can simplify the process of building a PowerShell module.
  • This approach empowers developers to tap into the .NET world without having to handle the installation and management of SDKs themselves.
  • By using packages from the nuget gallery, developers can enhance the user experience and attract new users.

Transcript: Speaker 2 Like what’s a use case for people who weren’t aware?

Speaker 1 Yeah. I’m an interesting use case that I hear about is say like you’re building a PowerShell module and you actually want to take a dependency, right? I’ll like say something from the power from the nougat gallery. So like, I know one of the most commonly used packages is Newton’s off JSON. So that’s just like a common example. There’s a lot of different packages you can use out there from like say the nougat gallery, but just an interesting use case, right? Is like I’m building my my PowerShell module and I want to use a resource that’s already available out there from nougat gallery. Can I just like take a dependency from this package and then like hand power shall get or PS resource get handled at all for me. Right. And so that’s one of the situations we’re trying to solve.

Speaker 2 That sounds pretty empowering though to be able to tap into the dot net kind of world. Like that’s a pretty big world there without you needing to like handle that state.

Speaker 1 Like it is possible, right? Like you need to like handle that all yourself. You need to make sure that that right SDKs are there and then it’s installed properly and all that sort of thing.

Speaker 2 Yeah, this makes it a bit of a better user experience and maybe we’ll open the door to some some new folks. But that’s very cool.