Title: How to Take Smart Notes in Obsidian Authors: Joshua Duffney Category:#books Number of Highlights: 4 Date: 2022-12-25 Last Highlighted: 2022-12-25


Abstraction is the process of taking an idea from its original text and making it usable in a general sense without the support of added context. To abstract an idea you rewrite it in your own words as if you’re writing for someone else who doesn’t have the context of its source. (95)

Note: Reducing ideas. Similar to atomics.


That’s what is meant by the phrase “atomic” note. Permanent means it’s kept forever, but it also means it’s permanently understood. Permanent slip-box notes will become your external storage for long-term memory. (97)


You must understand that permanent notes are a result of your OWN thinking, not the captured ideas of others. When taking permanent notes, use your own words and never copy word for word, unless you’re capturing a quote. (98)


Systems that allow complexity to build up in the wrong places eventually force you to choose between usability and usefulness. (135)

Note: This is referncing notes but really is true for any system