Title: The Hierarchy Is Bullshit Authors: charity.wtf Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 6 Source URL: https://charity.wtf/2022/09/23/the-hierarchy-is-bullshit-and-bad-for-business/ Date: 2022-12-06 Last Highlighted: 2022-10-30


Why did it take Molly so long to realize what made her happy? I personally blame the fucking hierarchy.

Note: Molly was a successful VP. She missed being an IC but the hierarchy pushes people to management.


The “Big Lie” of hierarchy is that your organizational structure is a vertical tree from the CEO on down, where higher up is always better.


One of the most exhausting things about working at Facebook was the way engineering levels felt like a hamster wheel, where every single quarter you were expected to go go go go go, do more do more, scrape up ever more of your mortal soul to pour in more than you could last quarter — and the quarter before that, and before that, in ever-escalating intensity.


The basic function of a hierarchy is to help us make sense of the world, simplify information, and make decisions. Hierarchy lets us break down enormous projects — like “let’s build a rocket!”, or “let’s invade Poland!” — into millions of bite size decisions and tasks, and this is how progress gets made.


And if you are sick of doing something or being treated a certain way, chances are everyone else will hate it, too. Who wants to work at a company where all the shit rolls downhill?


You can’t trust someone’s ‘yes’ until you hear their ‘no’.