Title: Spoon Theory for Autism and ADHD- The Neurodivergent Spoon Drawer Authors: Insights of a Neurodivergent Clinician Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 3 Source URL: https://neurodivergentinsights.com/blog/the-neurodivergent-spoon-drawer-spoon-theory-for-adhders-and-autists Date: 2024-03-06 Last Highlighted: 2024-03-06


Pacing systems are used widely used in medical systems for people experiencing chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and other challenges related to a disability or chronic health issue. A pacing system is essentially any system that helps you sustainably monitor and manage energy. Spoon theory is one is one of my personal favorite pacing systems!


The Neurodivergent Spoon Drawer is often inconsistent. We may have energy spoons but little focus spoons or social spoons but limited sensory spoons. Our spoons can live in conflict and create tension for us.


Our “spikey” energy units can often be misinterpreted. Having a “spikey spoon drawer” can be interpreted as being selfish or lazy (“you have time for the things you want to do but not the things you NEED to do,” and so on).