Title: Shell of an Idea Authors: Don Jones Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 1 Source URL: https://leanpub.com/shell-of-an-idea/read_full Date: 2023-12-24 Last Highlighted: 2022-07-28


“Inconsistency is great!” he said. He knew that he needed to break the conversational thread, and saying something crazy would do it. It caught Bill’s attention, for sure. Snover removed his new bifocal eyeglasses, and pointed at the thin line that bisected each lens. “These are new, and the lens is inconsistent,” Snover explains. “The top half is optimized for seeing remote things, and the bottom half is optimized for seeing local things.” Prior to getting these, he said, he’d had two separate pairs of glasses, each perfectly consistent and good for only one thing. He spent all day swapping glasses back and forth. When he got the new ones, the inconsistency was literally right there in front of his eyes, all the time. That lasted for about two hours, though, and he barely noticed it after that. Instead, he was just more efficient, because he had one tool that could work well in two different situations. The inconsistency of the lenses provided a more consistent view of the world.