Title: Linus Lee Is Living With AI Authors: Dan Shipper Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 2 Source URL: https://every.to/superorganizers/linus-lee-is-living-with-ai Date: 2022-12-14 Last Highlighted: 2022-12-14


I think these kinds of interfaces are going to be extremely important for AI to get more general adoption. Prompting models are still a kind of dark art, and for generative models to live up to their potential, humans are going to need much more precise and predictable control over their output. These interfaces are a glimpse into a future where we’ll be able to control outputs from these models more directly and more precisely. It’ll enable interactions like “pinch in to summarize this text,” or rotating a dial to specify exactly how formal or blunt you want to sound in your email. I’m excited about this research direction because it opens up new ways of manipulating text directly in “meaning space” rather than just by typing paragraphs word-by-word into a text box.