Title: I Quit My 500k Job at Microsoft to Start a Company (NOT) ๐Ÿ˜ Authors: theknowledgeworker.substack.com Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 6 Source URL: https://theknowledgeworker.substack.com/p/i-quit-my-500k-job-at-microsoft-to Date: 2022-07-21 Last Highlighted: 2022-07-21


Accumulating information is tangible and potentially addictive. It feels productive to ingest information and unproductive to digest it. But a body that doesnโ€™t digest is malnourished and a mind that doesnโ€™t process its input is starved.


Left unprocessed, information will eventually become a source of anxiety as it piles up intimidatingly high until it becomes unmanageable. Similar to a mountain of consumer debt, the only escape is bankruptcy.


Warren didnโ€™t start reading about investing at age 11, he started investing and has every single day for the last 79 years. Applied to daily life, it means success is largely a math game, it rewards those that put in the work.

Note: Practice is the best teacher.


Knowledge needs a place less ephemeral than the mind, more organized than a pile of post-its, and more flexible than a file cabinet. It requires a system, but it starts with a note.


Note-taking reduces digital overload by throttling the rate of consumption and improves your ability to determine whatโ€™s relevant.


Technology disrupts natural stopping rules by abstracting feedback and our brains keep us working by constantly pulling information back into awareness as the brain attempts to prevent forgetfulness, leaving open tasks in short-term memory until theyโ€™re completed. Thatโ€™s why unfinished tasks are so distracting, regardless of their importance.