Title: EP58- 10 Key Data Structures We Use Every Day Authors: Alex Xu Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 1 Source URL: https://blog.bytebytego.com/p/ep58-10-key-data-structures-we-use Date: 2023-05-07 Last Highlighted: 2023-05-07


10 Key Data Structures We Use Every Day

• list: keep your Twitter feeds

• stack: support undo/redo of the word editor

• queue: keep printer jobs, or send user actions in-game

• hash table: cashing systems

• Array: math operations

• heap: task scheduling

• tree: keep the HTML document, or for AI decision

• suffix tree: for searching string in a document

• graph: for tracking friendship, or path finding

• r-tree: for finding the nearest neighbor

• vertex buffer: for sending data to GPU for rendering