Title: Engineering Management- The Pendulum or the Ladder Authors: charity.wtf Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 4 Source URL: https://charity.wtf/2019/01/04/engineering-management-the-pendulum-or-the-ladder/ Date: 2024-02-16 Last Highlighted: 2024-02-16


These are not unlike the decisions every engineer ends up making about whether to go deep or go broad, whether to specialize or be a generalist. The problem is that both engineers and managers often make these career choices with very little information — or even awareness that they are doing it.

Lots of people have the mindset that once they become an engineering manager, they should just go from gig to gig as an engineering manager who manages other engineers: that’s who they are now. But this is actually a very fragile place to sit long-term, as we’ll discuss further on in this piece.


Hopefully you have already gathered that management is a career change, not a promotion, and you’re aware that nobody is very good at it when they first start.

It will exhaust you mentally and emotionally in the weirdest ways for much longer than you think it should. You’ll be tired a lot, and you’ll miss feeling like you’re good at something (anything).