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If you’re telling underrepresented folks in your org that titles don’t matter, you’re doing them a disservice. Titles matter a ton.


Third, she needs artifacts of her work that show her impact and tell the story. Due to her work and her technical judgement, this thing happened.


Stop interviewing, stop organising the off-sites, stop onboarding, stop fielding requests from users, stop anything that sounds like team building. Stop helping other people with their work. Archive mail. Quit slack channels. Do not curate the team roadmap.


Getting promoted is diversity work. Being visibly successful is the most powerful diversity work she can do. She can be the representation someone needs. She can be in a much better position for mentorship and sponsorship.


Glue people: push back on requests to do more than your fair share of non-promotable work and put your effort into something you want to get good at.