Title: 4 Professional Poker Lessons to Help You Think Clearly and Live Wisely Liv Boeree Big Think Authors: youtu.be Category:#articles Number of Highlights: 4 Source URL: https://youtu.be/FVamrGf8UYA Date: 2024-01-03 Last Highlighted: 2024-01-03


the most damaging bias that can come upin poker and I also think very often inlife is what’s known as confirmationbias

status quo bias is basically when we sayto assert whenever we catch ourselvessaying well it’s always been done thisway or it’s worked for me like this in

the past and this is my way of doingthings

another classic one that comes up inpoker is the sunk cost fallacy whereagain you’ll have a lot of chips perhapsalmost all of your stack is in themiddle and yet you are 85 to 90 percentconfident that you have the worst handand you’re not gonna be able to getyou’re putting another chip in the potis probably not a good idea but will

often go to ourselves oh well I put I’vegone this far I’ve put this much in Imight as well see it through to the end

it’sinteresting to observe sort of thedifference in emotion you can have whenyou end up in a very similar situation