I enjoy learning about and observing biases. They impact our day-to-day lives and can be insideous if not kept in check. By learning about these, I can try to be more aware of them to reduce them in both myself and call them out in others (politely of course!).


Confirmation Bias

You only pay attention to facts that confirm what you already believe. This happens all the time. Poker. The news. Etc.

Status Quo Bias

The belief that it must be done this way because it’s always been done this way.


Sunk Cost Fallacy

An example: you have $600 in a pot, but all the facts tell you that you won’t win your hand. But you still put in more because “you’ve already put this much”.

Information-Action Fallacy

If given the right information, you would change your behaviors.


An idea that seems counterintuitive or self contradictory.

Strength of Weak Ties

A paradox that shows we learn more from folks from outside of typical community.


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